Use the power of the river

“Use the power of the river”

Today would be an excellent day to gracefully surrender to the flow of life, accepting things as they are in this moment and moving into the next moment from that place of peace.

To surrender does not mean that you no longer care about your life.  It is not apathy.  It is acceptance that fighting the current will only exhaust you.  It is acceptance that the best way to move in a certain direction is to use the power of the river, sensing how things are and just gently dipping down an arm as a tiller, so that you might catch the fork of the river that appeals to you.

Surrendering to the flow can also be recognition that if you allow life to propel you, you can do so easily and gracefully, with very little effort indeed.

Look forward, feel the power and use it.  If you spend your time looking back at what has been, you will not see the wonderful things flowing toward you, nor will you notice the approaching rapids until it is too late to avoid them.

Relax into the flow.  Steer yourself gently, taking advantage of the movement and current which surround you.  Watch and feel how things are and gently join the flow of life.

I Am This Today

Today I relax into my life, feeling and knowing myself as a part of all that is.  Today I observe deeply how things are and find my own place within it.

Today I am energized by what is, and live fully in now, finding both peace and joy in being where I am and who I am.

I am one with the power of the river, one with the flow of all that is, and give it my full attention and focus.

I relax into faith, knowing that I am right where I should be and that I am strong enough and capable enough to handle whatever life brings me.

I am a part of the flow.  I am powerful in my oneness with what is.  I am.


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