Cease desperation and move toward peace

“Cease desperation and move toward peace.”

Today, do not feel desperate about your life.  Do not look up in the sky and see the hands of the clock ticking away and feel that desperate need to accomplish something right now.  Do not spend your time and emotional energy in cataloging all of your faults and asking yourself over and over why you cannot seem to accomplish something, why you continue repeating old patterns which do not serve you, why, why.

Cease this desperation and move toward peace.

This very desperation and pressure which you put upon yourself is intensifying each old pattern.  It is keeping you prisoner to your old ways.  You do not escape old patterns through desperation and asking why.  You do not escape the deep rut you have been walking in by beating yourself up with criticism.

The answer is in releasing the desperation.  The answer is in going beneath the emotional response. The answer is in releasing the past and focusing in the present.  The answer is in ceasing to ask ‘why’ and beginning instead to just ask ‘how,’ how can I live well in this moment?

You escape the narrow rut of your habitual life by lifting the heavy burdens of the past and the future, releasing the emotions, and becoming so peaceful and so light that you begin to float up out of those problems and cares, lifting up with lightness and a buoyancy born of love, joy and peace, high enough that you are free of the prison you have kept yourself in and can then look around and see where you would like to fly to, now that you are light enough to move freely.

I Am This Today

Today, I am supremely focused in now.  I embrace this moment completely, just as it is.

Today, I love myself completely and approve of myself exactly as I am.  I embrace myself as I am and fill my heart with love, my mind with quiet, my center with peace.

Today, I allow joy to enter me.  I open myself to my higher self and allow the joy of being to flow in and fill me completely.  I fill myself so full of light and love that I cannot help but smile, smile from the joy which bubbles up inside me as I finally allow myself to become one with the joyous presence that I truly am.

I am who I am and am glad to be so.  I ask nothing of this moment except to be within it.

I am love and joy.  I am peace.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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