Stand in gratitude, no matter what your life holds

“Stand in gratitude, no matter what your life holds”

Today, I wish you to stand in gratitude, no matter what your life holds.  Be grateful to be alive, to be drawing this breath, to be standing where you are, poised to take one more step on this glorious adventure.

Does it not seem glorious?  Then release your expectations about what you wanted this moment to hold.  Release your disappointments and frustrations.  Release that pressure to have something occur within a certain time frame.  Release all that and instead just be.

Now, is it not glorious?  Look up at the sky and let that wide wonder fill you.  Look at a leaf and study the detail. Is it not wondrous how each leaf is unique, each and every leaf on every tree, carved out with the wonder and glory of the universe?

And you, are you not wondrous?  You are as that leaf, unique in all the world and yet a part of the tree of life.  You are full of potential and the possibilities to use that potential are sparkling all around you.

Appreciate what is.  Give thanks for being alive.  And now, from this place of gratitude, open your heart.  Open yourself wide and connect with the wonder.  Feel your oneness.  Feel how truly blessed you are.

I Am This Today

Today I choose to focus on what is good, true and wonderful in my life.  Today, I choose to see beauty.  Today, I choose to notice the good things about life, about other people, about nature.

I give thanks for my life.  I give thanks for all that is good and beautiful within it.

I know that it is my choice to see and notice the good, the beautiful, the wondrous.  I know that I can choose to be happy, to be peaceful, to be full of joy.  I know this and I choose this, hour by hour, all day.

I am deeply grateful for my life.  I am deeply connected to all that is.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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