Daily Quado: Pay attention to what comes to you unbidden

“Pay attention to what comes to you unbidden”

As you walk through your day, pay attention to what comes to you unbidden.  Are you feeling drawn to look at a particular magazine even though it never interested you before?  Did you catch something said on the radio that struck a chord, something that may relate to a change you could make in your approach to life?  Did someone mention something in passing that just happened to give you information you were seeking, without even knowing it?

This happens to you all day, every day.  Allow yourself to notice.  And now, take it one step further and actually take note and follow through.  Assume that this piece of information was sent by an angel who knows your dearest dreams.  Assume that something wondrous will happen if you follow through and experiment with that new approach that came to you when you heard that one little piece of information.

Consider carrying a small journal and making note of the little thoughts and ideas which come to you, especially those driven by serendipity, happenstance and coincidence.  And then, at the end of the day or week, you will have a book full of ideas, little flashes, little thoughts, and you can sit in your peaceful time and see which ones stand out as ideas worthy of your full attention and exploration.

Pay particular attention to the ideas and relationships which are like seedlings.  They have not yet attained their full growth and beauty, but they are available to you, as those ideas which have already borne fruit may not be.  It is good to have a few seedlings planted in fertile ground and doing their job of growing to maturity, while you go about your life doing other things.  Some ideas and relationships take time.  Nurture them now and they will reward you with a harvest of golden fruit when the time is right.

I Am This Today

Today, I notice the bounty of ideas and information that come my way.  I notice the newness which surrounds me and embrace it, welcome it into my consciousness.

Today, I am alert and active, aware and deeply observant, connected to the world around me and grateful for the ideas and opportunities which surround me.  I am stimulated by life and deeply curious about new ways to do things, new avenues to explore.  Today, I see life as a great feast which is mine to sample.

I relax into gratitude and faith.  I know that I am surrounded by help at every turn and that it communicates with me in many, many ways.  Today, I notice the many things that are coming to me in answer to my wishes.

I am aware.  I am engaged fully in life.  I am.


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