Daily Quado: You see only one dot of a larger canvas

“You see only one dot of a larger canvas”

If you are confused about your life, if it does not seem to make sense and you cannot see how your activities fit into any sort of bigger picture, then go more deeply into the moment.   The answers are not found by asking why.  The answers are not found by crying out in the fog and mist.  They are found by going deeply into the moment, setting aside your plans and just being.

Here, inside this moment, there is peace to be found.  There is a rightness to each moment, even if it does not make apparent sense to you.  This moment and your life within it are part of a larger canvas, but all you can see is one little dot of paint.  Of course that one dot does not seem to make sense!

But there is a very large canvas writ across the sky, and this one little dot of a moment in this one little dot of a life is a part of that larger picture that you cannot see and perceive.

But if you come down deep, you will feel the peace of it.  And that peace will lead you to acceptance, surrender and faith.  Faith that you are a part of the whole and connected to it, and peace in knowing that you are just as you should be to make your little dab of color shine out and enhance the whole.

I Am This Today

Today, I am aware of my unique contribution to life and my connection to the larger whole.  Today I am willing to accept on faith that I am as I should be and that my life is an important part of something larger.

I relax into this acceptance.  I surrender to life as it is.  I embrace myself just as I am and love myself deeply for all that I am and do.

I accept that there is more than I can see and am at peace with being who I am.  I live this day in peace and joy.  I reach down and into myself and find a deep well of peace and know that this peace comes from my deep connection to all that is.

I am a part of something larger than myself.  I am vital and important just as I am.  I am.


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