Daily Quado: Set aside your idea of how things should be

“Set aside your idea of how things should be”

Today is a day to set aside your idea of how things should be and instead to deal with life as it is.

Too often, you spend most of your time comparing each moment with what you had expected, what you had feared, and what you had wanted.  Each moment is found glorious or wanting in comparison to this expectation of yours.  And the truth is, each moment simply is.

And if you will but allow yourself to deal with life as it is, you will find that it contains far more than your expectations could ever dream of. You will find that it opens and blossoms with opportunity and surprise.  Often the lack of surprise in your life is simply because of the narrow box of expectation you have kept yourself within.

Open up your world by releasing all of that.  Today, expect nothing and let life unfold.

I Am This Today

Today, I am open to the newness of being.  Today, I let life unfold as it will and am deeply observant.

Today I pay attention to what is, taking advantage of each new thing to explore and learn.

Today, I open each moment as a gift and allow myself to look at it with wonder and surprise.

I am open.  I am accepting.  I am deeply involved and connected to each moment as it comes to me.  I am.


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