Daily Quado: Go deeply into the oneness of being

“Go deeply into the oneness of being”

Today, I wish for you to connect energetically.  Close your eyes and breathe deeply until you feel relaxed.  A deep comfortable breath in and then out, as you pay attention only to your breathing, relaxing and watching your breath as it flows in and flows out.

And now, become aware of yourself as an energy form.  See yourself as a glowing light, made of particles of light and love.  This is you.  Pure energy.  You are energy which exists as a body, but you are more, and your glow spreads.  Feel and see your light and energy as it spreads wider and wider.

And now, see that the rest of the world around you is also made of energy, little particles of loving light.  And see how the rest is spreading as well, and you are commingling, your light is commingling with the light of all that is.  This is you, glowing and bright.  This is the rest of the world, glowing bright.

Feel the oneness.  Go deeply into the silence and the oneness of being.  Stay there for a time, in silence, connection and reverence, in gratitude for the breath which sustains you in this perfection.

Practice this every day, for at least a few minutes each morning.  It will gradually change your life view, as it pulls you into a more conscious awareness of your connection with all that is.

I Am This Today

Today, I am deeply aware of my own light, the glowing energy which I am.  My light is great and it spreads.

Today, I am deeply aware of the energy around me, how everything in the world is made of light and love.

Today, I merge with all that is and go into the great connection, the great all, the energy presence which is the One.  I give thanks for being a part of all that is.

I am love.  I am one with all that is.  I am.


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