Daily Quado: Sort out fear from intuitive warning

“Sort out fear from intuitive warning”

If you are feeling tense and anxious, it is important for you to sort out fear from intuitive warning.  Often your anxiety is there because you are afraid to follow your own truth. You know that you are heading in the wrong direction and that there are things you should be doing, situations you should be handling, but you are afraid to do so.

Breathe down to a quiet place and reach your center.  Clear away the worries over the future.  Clear away the regrets over the past and that nagging voice that says that you wouldn’t even be in this situation if you had made better choices earlier.  It does not matter.  Things are as they are right now, and your goal right now is to alleviate your tension through right action.

Come down to your center, find the calm pool of peace within you and ask, how shall I approach this situation?  If the answer is that you are to be patient and wait, good, then do so calmly, peacefully and without fear.  If the answer is that you must confront the situation, then take a deep breath, fill yourself with courage and speak your truth, calmly, clearly and directly.  And if the answer is to meet with others, one on one, listen and learn as you quietly work out your differences, then do that.

Fear and doubt prefer that you deal with situations in anger or that you do nothing except worry and complain.  To fear and doubt, a wonderful solution is to revert to your old patterns of overeating and drinking, while taking no constructive steps toward resolution.  Fear is a coward and a bully who loves gossip, anger and manipulation.

But you are more than this.  You are strong and capable and full of truth and rightness, which direct you each step of the way.  Reach down to them and find what you should do, what right action you should take to alleviate the tension and anxiety you feel.  Then take a deep breath and act, and fear will give way before you.

I Am This Today

Today I am calm and centered.  I reach down to my heart of rightness and trust that I will find my own truth, the truth that is best for me and everyone else, the truth which wants to express itself.

I am peace.  I feel and know my own truth within my center of peace.  I am love.  I feel and know my own truth within my being of love.

I am courage.  I am strong and capable and know I can do what I need to do to resolve each situation within a center of rightness, truth and love.  I act from this center.  I make all of my choices from this place of courage, peace, love and faith.

I am strong and courageous.  I am peaceful and true.  I am.


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