Daily Quado: Ask if the river is calling you

“Ask if the river is calling you”

There are times in your life in which you are lost in a fog, transitional times in which you can hardly see the next step to take.  There are times when you are doing what you believe you should do, coming from your heart of rightness, but yet it is difficult, and the road ahead is strewn with boulders which you must climb or go around.  And then there are the blessed times, when you are suddenly on the bank of a river and have the opportunity to jump in and ride the flow.

These are the times when coincidences pop up around you, when people appear with the answers to questions you have only barely begun to ask, when you know you are a part of something larger and feel aligned with powerful forces, when the talents and skills you have built up all these years are just are what are required.

When you feel yourself drawn to this river, do not be afraid.  Follow that feeling.  Let yourself go into this flow.  Shed your old plans and expectations on the shore and strip down naked.  Drop the habits which have been undermining you.  Shed the old negative patterns and just plunge in the river and allow yourself to be carried, allow yourself to be swept into the larger current, the greater purpose, even if you do not know where the river will be taking you.

Today, go deep into your meditative place and ask if the river is calling you.  Ask if there are signs which have been pointing a certain way.  If the answer is no, then that is all right.  You are not yet at the river bank and are to continue walking down your path for a time longer. But if the answer is yes, if you hear the roar just through those trees, have the courage to leave this beaten path, make your way through that forest and take the plunge.

I Am This Today

I know that my life is a part of something larger.  I know that my higher self is attuned to all that is and there is meaning and purpose to my life.

Today, I ask that my actions and choices may move me ever closer to the day when my life will be a full expression of that higher purpose.

I accept my life exactly as it is and am full of faith, knowing that the right direction will be made clear to me.

I am full of wisdom.  I am guided and helped.  I am an important part of all that is.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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