Daily Quado: Say yes to life

“Say yes to life”

Today is a day to say yes to life.  As you go through your day today, be aware when your mind is saying no and turn it around.

Become aware if you are mentally filtering life, sorting out potentials and possibilities and rejecting them because they do not fit into your plans or previous perceptions, judging people as not being quite right for you before you have even spent time with them, assuming you would not enjoy certain activities you have never even tried.

Today, begin by being aware of all the times you say no.  And then, begin to say yes.  Start going to very different events, talking to very different people, doing things you have never done.  Allow yourself to explore things which are completely outside your plans.  Assume that each person who approaches you has an important gift to give you, of knowledge, of experience, perhaps even of love.  Open these gifts and be grateful.

Life is a banquet and there are many, many different kinds of foods on the table before you.  It is time to taste something new, time for adventure.

I Am This Today

I feel life blowing toward me like a fresh breeze and I open my window and let it all in.

I love life.  I love the great adventure of newness which comes with each dawn.

I am full of faith that the highest intentions and purpose of my soul are felt in the world and that there is a wisdom greater than mine which brings new things to me.  I open myself to them.  I open myself to new people and new experiences.

I say yes to all that the universe brings to me.  I say yes to life.  I say yes to love.

I am love and acceptance.  I am surrender to the bountiful flow.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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