Daily Quado: Love of others is a gift you give yourself

“Love of others is a gift you give yourself”

Today, our focus is on love.  Today, I wish you to realize that the love you give to others is also a gift you are giving yourself.  When you fill your heart with love, even toward those you have thought of as your enemies, those who have hurt you, then you have the healing benefits of a heart full of love, pumping love to all parts of your body.  And love is a soothing and healing nutrient, stronger than any other.

If you fill your heart with rancor and anger, frustration, judgment and criticism, then this rancor is what fills you and courses through your body, sending off alarms, making you tense and irritable, making you jumpy and unsure of how to act or be.

And so, today, give yourself the gift of forgiving and loving others.  Release yourself from the prison of resentment, anger and judgment.  Let yourself walk free into the place of love and light.

Just let it go.  All of the old thoughts, all of the bitterness, just let it go.  Release everything that is not love.  Let it float off you like a heavy, heavy burden you have carried for too long.  And in its place, let love fill you.  Fill yourself with a deep love of yourself, of life itself, of all people in all of their struggles, no matter where they may stand on their path.

Fill yourself with a warm embracing love which contains complete forgiveness. Let that flow within you.  Feel the warmth and healing power of love as it heals you and connects you to all that is good and wonderful in this world.

I Am This Today

Today, I am only love.  I open myself to the great love of the universe and allow it to fill me completely, filling me to the brim, filling me so full that I overflow and pour love out into the world.

I am love.  I am made completely of love and only love.  I feel its healing power within me.  I feel how it bolsters my foundation, how it increases my self-respect and confidence as I begin to know myself as the glory which is love.  I feel how it increases my power, as I begin to know love as strength.

I love and respect myself deeply and I extend that love to all others as well.  I am love.  I am love completely.  I am.


This message from Quado is a gift to you from me. 

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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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