Daily Quado: Release the worries, go deep and simply ask, what shall I do now?

“Release the worries, go deep and simply ask, what shall I do now? ”

Do not assume that your mind knows what will happen if you take a particular action.  All of your plans do not have power.  All of your attempts at control do not have power.  You are deeply powerful, but that power lies not in controlling outside events and manipulating other people, that power rests deep within, in your connection to all that is and will be and in your own discipline and inner control.

Your busy mind assumes that you know what will happen as a result of mistakes you or others have made.  You stay up late at night worrying over the disasters you see looming.  And yet, if you look back, you will see that these worries were wasted time and energy, that what happened, happened, and most times, it did not turn out as you had pictured.  And even in those cases where it did, your worries accomplished nothing.  Instead, release the worries, and go deep and simply ask, what shall I do now?  Right now, in this moment, what action shall I take?

This is all you need to know.  Take your action, release your worries and let the outcome be what it will be.  Be observant, pay attention to what matters to you, but know that all you can do is take action in the moment.  You cannot control the future.  It will be as it will be.  And this moment is as it is.

And often, the best action to take in this moment is readiness.  Make yourself ready for the positive outcome you wish to have.  Prepare yourself for the wonderful serendipities and coincidences that life may bring your way.  Practice your craft, hone your skills, prepare your resumes and demos, keep yourself completely ready through actions you take right now, and this will build a positive energy which will tend to pull toward you what you desire.

Where you place your attention influences what comes to you.  If you place your attention on worry and fear, on doubt over your capabilities, you will tend to pull what you fear toward you.  If you place your attention on positive action which makes you ready for wonderful things to flow toward you, that will tend to pull toward you the people who can give you a little lift up toward your dreams.

You are powerful, but all of the power resides in this moment, and all of the action is within what you can do.  If you wish to motivate other people to do things, do it in a positive and direct fashion, by learning to be an effective leader and infusing others with your commitment and passion.  Make all of your actions positive.  Make all of your thoughts positive.  Leave off worries and complaints, manipulation and attempts to control others.  Go deep, find your truth, infuse it with dedication and passion and shine out, glowing with resolve, glowing with right action, shining as a beacon for others to follow.  This is the way.

I Am This Today

I go deep within and find my truth.  I go deep within and find the answers to all of my questions, presented to me as action which I can take now, in this moment.

I know that this moment contains all the power.  I know that I am strong and capable and full of power, power which stems from this center of peace, truth and love.

I watch and listen from a place of peace.  I observe the world outside, go deep to find guidance, and then take positive action.

I act from a place of faith and love.  I am deeply connected to all that is.  I am.


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