Daily Quado: Take a look at what you do well, what you enjoy doing and what others wish to pay enough for

“Take a look at what you do well, what you enjoy doing and what others wish to pay enough for”

Today, we will speak of money.  We speak of this because so many of you worry about it and wonder what to do.

Money is not magic.  It is the result of a straightforward exchange of service or product.  Take a look at what you do well, what you enjoy doing and what others wish to pay enough for.  Draw these as three circles and see where they intersect.  In this intersection, you have a way to make money and a place to focus on training and readiness.

And if you decide to follow your desires and preferences even though there is very little money there, then do so, but know that you will probably need to supplement your income with other work, at least for a time.  It is a choice you make, to be a poet who waits tables as well.

And all of this is neither good nor bad.  It simply is.  Allow yourself to see life clearly and without criticism and judgment.  Some things bring in more money than others and that is the way it is.  Make your choices taking it all into account.  Be clear about what matters most to you and achieve a balance between what you most love to do and what the world requires, what you do right now and what you are readying yourself to do in the future.

And remember that your desires are known and are a part of your higher intentions.  At any moment, you may go deep and ask, what shall I do now, and the answer will contain within it all that is best for you, within the world, within your desires and talents, and within your higher self.

Be clear about what is.  Be clear about who you are.  Go deep and find out what to do next.  This is the way.

I Am This Today

I center myself within truth, peace, and love.  I stand tall and walk my path, full of faith, full of love, full of peace.

I am strong and capable and immensely talented.  I see the world as it is, clearly and objectively, and know that it is sparkling with possibility and opportunity.  I open myself to what is and to the possibilities which lie all around me, sparkling like diamonds in the grass.

I fill myself with my truth and walk forward into what is and know that my steps are guided and that I am surrounded by love and help at every turn.  I go deeply into each moment and allow it to reveal itself to me, in all its wonder.  I open to the newness which sparkles around me.

I am full of faith that I will find a way to live my truth within what is.  I am deeply connected to all that is.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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