Daily Quado: Listening is a wonderful sign of respect

“Listening is a wonderful sign of respect”

Today, I would ask you to focus on respect.  Respect implies a consideration of what already is.  To respect yourself, you treat yourself well.  You do not lecture yourself on all of your shortcomings; you do not criticize and judge.  You respect yourself just as you are.  You give yourself the benefit of the doubt.  And even when you do not fully approve of each action, you approve of the underlying self who did it, you extend compassionate support and let it be.

And as for others, you do not need to consciously and actively love everyone.  But you do need to respect them.  You need to open and listen and know that each person is a part of the great beingness.  You are one with every person who touches your life directly and everyone else as well.  You are one.  And so a part of respecting yourself is to respect all others, and a part of respecting life is to respect yourself.

End the criticism.  End the judgment.  Release the blame and the recriminations.  Release all of that and recognize that each person is doing the best that she can.  Each person is striving toward rightness, even if their path is different than yours, even if they take action which does not appear correct to you.  Still, they are one with you.  Still, we are all one.

Open and listen. Rather than assuming that you know what someone else is like, ask.  The person that makes you bristle has a story to tell, a lifetime of influences and experiences to share.  Listen to what was and what is.  Listen to what makes this person hold those opinions, act in that way.  Listening is a wonderful sign of respect, just as interrupting and refusing to listen is a sign of disrespect, judgment and dismissal.

There is an underpinning of love which runs between all people.  Love is the grease that makes the wheels of the universe turn smoothly.  This love is there whether you are consciously aware of it or not.  There is love uniting you with all others, there and unseen, and often unfelt.  But it is there.  Open to it when you can.  But when you cannot, then know that it is there and at least extend respect.

Love and respect yourself.  Love and respect all others.  Infuse your actions and attitudes with dignity, dignity which lifts everyone.  Treat each person, no matter what their role in your life, with dignity, as a person deserving of your love, respect and support, as a person who is a contributor to life as it is, a brother or sister there to move forward with you in life.  You are one.

I Am This Today

I love and respect myself deeply.  I am made of love.  I honor who I am, just as I am, exactly as I am.

I treat all others with dignity and respect.  I open to them and listen to them.  I am full of compassion, understanding and deep respect for all humanity.  I honor the noble struggle of many and offer a hand to lift, a shoulder to cry on, and the dignity of recognition.

I am one with all who walk the earth.  We are connected.  I extend my hand so that we may walk together in love, dignity and mutual respect.

I am love.  I am peace and understanding, compassion and forgiveness.  I am.


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