Daily Quado: Today, just be and feel the love that is there for you

“Today, just be and feel the love that is there for you”

Today I wish for you to just be, just be and feel the love that is there for you.

Today is not a day to strive and try.  Today is a day to spend as much time as possible in being, and connecting with the love which flows around you, to you, in you, through you.

You are surrounded by love.  You are supported and helped at every turn.  For today, release your disappointments, your angers and frustrations, any hopes you had which have come to nothing, any hopes you still have about specific events in the future.  Release all of that.

Right now, do not hope for or expect anything.  Right now, breathe in deeply and come down into this moment, right now, right here.  Nothing else exists.  This is a fact.  Nothing else exists.  Everything else is in your mind. The past exists only in your mind.  The future exists only in your mind.  All that exists is right now.

Come down into the moment, breathe in deeply and center in the peace within your solar plexus. There is no fear here.  There is no doubt.  There is only being, oneness, connection.  There is only I AM.

Be one with yourself in this moment.  Be one with what is.  Feel the peace.

And now, picture the ring of angels which surround you.  Feel the presence of helping, loving spirits.  Know that you are deeply worthy of love.  Know that you are treasured beyond all measure.  Know that there is nothing that you can ever do which will forfeit this love.  You are loved, deeply, exactly as you are.  You do not need to do or be anything to deserve this love.  You are enough, just as you are.

Bask in this love, this recognition, this appreciation.  Hear how the angels sing in gratitude for the presence of your being.  Feel how deeply appreciated you are, for simply being you.

Today, be.  Be in this moment.  Be who you are.  Just be.

I Am This Today

Today, I am.  I feel the deep love which surrounds me and I am a part of that love.

I am made of love.  I am nothing but love.  Love is all and I am deeply connected to all that is.

Today, I allow myself to be.  I fill myself with joy, peace and love and allow myself to be quiet within it.

I am peace.  I am love.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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