Daily Quado: What if you had no fear or doubt?

“What if you had no fear or doubt?”

So often you ask yourself what you might do if you had more money, if you had more time, if your job were better, if you had more training or education, if you had a loving partner in life, if you had more friends.  You agonize over your lack of these and think it could all be magically fixed if only you had this missing ingredient in your life.

What you need to ask is this, instead:  What would I do if I had no fear and no doubt?  To what heights might I aspire if I unleashed my passion and did what I truly want to do, in spite of obstacles, in spite of barriers and challenges, in spite of setbacks?  If I truly believed, both in myself and in the help which is there for me, what might I take on?  If I truly believed I could succeed, what would I begin?

If you will but ignite your inner fire and allow yourself to begin, and then continue no matter what happens, you cannot help but succeed.  Will the end result be exactly as you had envisioned?  No, of course not.  Life is an adventure of growth and change, and if you will but begin, you will learn much about what you truly enjoy doing and who you truly are.  After all, there is no end result; there is only life unfolding step by step.

And there is no failure except in quitting, no end to what you might do except in succumbing to fear and doubt.  Fill yourself with courage and faith and you will find everything you need to move forward.

I Am This Today

Today, I ignite the fire within me, calling forth my passion and vital connection to this life.  I invite my higher intention and purpose to abide within me and combine with my deep love of life.  I am full of zest and energy, and am completely engaged in life, right here, right now.

I believe in my own ability to achieve whatever it is I wish to achieve.  I have complete faith that I am loved and supported on all sides.  I know that I am capable of meeting each challenge with courage, forbearance and patience, continuing on my way full of faith.

I am full of courage and am willing to take full responsibility for my life, every action, every thought, every moment and step of the way.  I embrace this responsibility completely and love the feel of it, of being adult, of being engaged, of being involved in the entire process of my full unfolding.

I welcome life.  I welcome my highest self within it.  I am strong and capable.  I am courageous and full of faith.  I am.


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