Daily Quado: Stop asking why

“Stop asking why”

Today, I would like you to stop asking Why.  It is simply not a productive question, not a line of inquiry which will lead you where you wish to go.

Psychiatry asks why.  Why do I act this way?  Why do I feel this way?  Religion often attempts to answer why, why you are here, why something happened, why things are the way they are.

But the questions which will lead you to a productive and fulfilling life are not these.  The questions to ask, down and deep into the moment, are How and What?  What shall I do right now?  How shall I approach this situation?  This will take you where you wish to go.

For in the end, it does not really matter why things are as they are.  What matters is what you should right now, with things as they are, with yourself as you are, with the alignment of all things in this way, with the flow which is heading toward you right now.

You can spend a lifetime just sitting around asking Why and not receive a satisfactory and productive response.  But when you ask What and How, they lead you to action, even if that action is sometimes to wait patiently for things to shift and change around you.

It is as it is.  You are as you are.  They are as they are.  Right now, what should you do?  How should you approach life?  Go deep and ask.  Go deep and reach your truth. The answers are there.

I Am This Today

I accept and love myself exactly as I am in this moment.  I accept and love my life exactly as it is.  I honor all others for being who they are, in this moment.

I surrender to life and open to life as it is.  I observe carefully, watch and listen, and feel and sense the way things are.

I am full of faith that the answers will come to me, that the right choices and decisions are deep within my truth and will present themselves to me.

I am in truth.  I am in connection.  I am.


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