Daily Quado: Co-create your day each morning

“Co-create your day each morning”

Today, I would invite you to co-create your day.  Just breathe down to a quiet place, relax and invite the energy of the universe to join you.  You may picture or feel spirit guides, angels, power animals, or just pure energy.  It does not matter, as long as you are inviting higher energies, loving energies, benevolent energies, energies which mean you well and wish to co-create with you.

Then relax and create a vision of a few things you would like to have happen today.  Not in the far distant future, but today.  What would you like to have happen?  If these benevolent energies and entities could make something happen for you today, what would it be?  Then also center yourself in how you would like to be today, what choices you would like to make, how you would like to respond to whatever the day brings.

And then, just gently release it all.  Give your thanks for the participation of these energies and helpers, and release the day to become what it will become.  Know that your pictures and words are released out into the flow and will become a part of it, mixing with the other events already on their way.

As you live your day, do not have specific expectations.  The universe delivers in surprising ways and in her own time.  This exercise will achieve several things for you, regardless of whether any of what you picture actually comes to pass today.  It will, day by day, set a focus for your life, a focus which will influence you as well as the energies around you.  It will influence your life, both inwardly and outwardly, perhaps subtly and over time, but yet it will be there.  And once in a while, you will have the most surprising gifts which come to you as a direct result of this exercise.

And it will also keep you focused down into shorter-term action and choices, into dealing with what is in front of you right now and what you might actually be ready to handle.  One of the potential results of this shorter-term focus may be a spur to your own readiness, as you realize that it would not benefit you to meet a record producer today, since you do not yet have your song demo recorded.  In this case, your co-created day might have in it, instead, a gift of time to complete your songwriting, a chance encounter with a good musician or an ad with a discounted studio fee.

Try this every day for at least three weeks, for just a few minutes each morning.  Learn how this works for you.  You may find that it takes several days, even weeks, for the subtle influence of your daily co-creation to come back to you.  You may find some things responding immediately.  Just relax and think of it as a fun experiment and do not burden life with heavy expectations and disappointments.  Just relax, picture, release and go about your day, responding to what actually occurs, in grace and gratitude.

I Am This Today

I am the co-creator of my life.  I am full of power and connection.  I welcome the involvement and engagement of the powers of the universe around me and give very clear directions about what I wish my day to hold.

I am deeply creative.  I go deep into this moment, connect with all that is and see clearly who I am within all that is.

I create my day with love, joy and the energy that flows to me, through me and around me.  I am one with all that is.  I am.


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