Daily Quado: Watch your ripples reach out across the pond of life

“Watch your ripples reach out across the pond of life”

Your day lies before you like a pond of water.  Create a beautiful thought and drop it into the pond.  See how your thought causes ripples which reach out across the pond.  Now take an action, one full of love and wonder, and watch the ripples go across the pond of life.

Now see that as you release your thought or action, there is someone on the other side of the pond, and they are also performing an action, perhaps one which causes large ripples.  See how your ripples and theirs intersect and cause something new, something different than either of you would have created alone.  You are both creators, you both had an effect, but the effect is not what it would have been without the other.  You are both creating, you are co-creating.

And now, call in loving assistance, angels and spirit guides, benevolent energies, and as you drop your thought or your action into the pond of life, see how golden ripples reach further and run deeper than ever before.  And others are dropping their thoughts and taking their actions, and the pond is full of ripples, intersecting each other, affecting each other, changing life as they go.

Send your energies out into the world.  Do what you wish to do and then release it and let it be.  The ripples are not yours to control.

But if you will continuously drop a consistent thought and carry out a consistent action, it has a greater effect than if you act once and then walk away in disappointment when you did not get what you desired.  Drop it in again.  Act again.  Carry a consistent intention.  Over and over, let your rings of energy fan out into the world.  Remember that every time you drop in your action or thought, the pond is different.  It is never the same twice, and so what you do today may have an entirely different effect than the same action did yesterday.

Drop in a thought, take an action, and now another and yet another.  See how each builds on the next and a continuous signal is sent out into the world.  Here I am.  This is my intention.  Here I am.

I Am This Today

Today begins like a still pond into which I may drop my beautiful thoughts and actions.  I am clean and clear, light and unburdened.  Life is easy and effortless.  I am full of love, full of gratitude, embracing the day which begins.

I fill my heart with love, think my beautiful thoughts, take the actions I choose, and then release it all into the world and let it be.

I am relaxed and at peace.  I am full of loving acceptance.  I am.


This message from Quado is a gift to you from me. 

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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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