Daily Quado: What does it mean to be healthy in body, mind and spirit?

“What does it mean to be healthy in body, mind and spirit?”

Today, focus on health.  What does it mean to be healthy in body, mind and spirit?

Physical health is not a state of weighing a particular weight or following a particular regimen.  Physical health is about balance; about being in touch with your body.  On some days, that may mean resting and on others it may mean vigorous exercise. On some days, it may mean fueling your body with healthy, whole food and on other days, it could mean cleansing your body, fasting and drinking pure water.

Today, as you think about health, see if you have lost touch with your body’s signals.  If so, it may take some time to attune yourself to what your body is really saying, learning to sense the signals of real hunger, of real desire for rest or exercise.  Pay attention.  Experiment with setting aside old patterns and listening and feeling, sensing what it is your body truly desires right now.

As for mental health, this is quite simple:  peace.  Your mental and emotional state should be one of deeply centered peace, a state in which you are centered within yourself, not buffeted around by outside events.  The mentally healthy person knows that life goes through seasons, knows to run free in the spring, to relax into the long drowsy perfumed days of summer, to work hard harvesting in the fall, and to find shelter in the winter when the storms come.

And the mentally healthy person also knows that spring always comes again.  It will be a new spring, a different spring, when you emerge from your winter cave, but it will be spring nonetheless.  There is a peace in accepting the seasons of life, the cycles of relationships, of all enterprises you undertake, letting go of this and moving toward that, always accepting that nothing stays the same and life is change., accepting this with love, accepting this with peace.

And spiritual health is an opening of yourself to higher self and knowing yourself as love.  There is nothing more to be known.  All the rest is talk.

I Am This Today

Today I am centered in health.  I listen to my body and give it what it wants.  My body and I are one.  I feel, I know what my body needs and provide it gladly.

I am deeply calm and at peace.  I accept life with gratitude and love and feel one and connected with the cycles of life.

I open to my higher self and feel the warm glow of love which I am.

I am love.  I am love completely.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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