Daily Quado: Others do not see or hear the same things that you do

“Others do not see or hear the same things that you do”

In dealing with other people, it may be useful to realize that they do not see or hear the same things that you do.

This world of consciousness has each, including you, trapped inside a house, a house in which memory reverberates and predominates, a house with a few windows which look out.  And those windows are often deeply colored and distorted, like thick wavy glass, making most people view life as if through the end of a bottle.

And the sounds which reach into this house are distorted as well, and everything comes through a filter, a filter of training, of experience, of defenses built up long ago when they were needed as a child, to deal with whatever happened or was perceived to happen in this world.

And so we stumble along, deeply mired in thought of the past and fantasies of the future, half-blind from views and ideas built up long ago.  And everything that happens in this bright and sparkling world must fight its way through this thick and wavy glass before it can even be seen.

Your job for yourself is to open your windows, glimpse the world as it truly is and let the air of new experience blow through.  Your job is to clear out the cobwebs of old experience and patterns, truly clean house, and let your inner world sparkle with clarity.

And as for other people, it is useful to know that their reactions are rarely personal, even if they are expressed as such, and that they are often dealing with mere shadows, and what you think you say and do with such precision and clarity may be but a blur of movement and a murmur of sound by the time it makes its way through to them.

Experiment with new ways of expression.  Be observant and see if you can begin to understand some of their filters of perception.  And be compassionate and loving, knowing that the drama which colored and distorted their view may well have been a drama you were mercifully spared.

I Am This Today

Today, I open wide my windows and ask that the bright sun of truth shine in.  I open wide my windows and allow the fresh air of new experience, new ways of perceiving, feeling and knowing, to blow through my life, clearing my mind and gladdening my heart.

Today, I am full of compassion and love for others and treat them with deep respect.  I connect with them on higher levels and learn them through a higher kind of knowledge.

I am deeply connected.  I am clear and clean and open.  I am ready for truth and newness.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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