Daily Quado: Unfold to each other

“Unfold to each other”

Today is as it is.  You are as you are.  All people simply are as they are.  Release your plans, fantasies and expectations with the dawn and allow each relationship to blossom and develop in its own authentic way, a slowly unfolding discovery as two people explore themselves and each other.

Let it be like this.  Be as two flowers that open to each other, gradually revealing more and deeper truths.  Let the rising sun of truth reveal the beauty which is you, deep within.  Lift the fog of fantasy and expectation and just be.  Be yourself shining forth in all that you are, exactly as you are, saying, doing, feeling and being with a deep integrity which reaches down to your core.  And allow others to be who they are.  Do not try to change them. Do not judge and criticize.  Reveal and understand, unfolding to each other.

Each relationship should be like this, a way to learn from each other, a deepening of your relationship to each other and to yourself.  Each relationship fully explored will introduce you to more and deeper parts of yourself.  And each bit of love that you give freely and unconditionally, makes your heart more open and receptive for the great love of the universe to flow in, an unending stream of light and goodness.

Allow your life to be a simple unfolding of the self, like a rose opening on a summer day and sending perfume across the garden.  And allow the other roses to open in their own way, with their own beauty, some still in the bud, some in their last days, some red, some pink and orange, but all beautiful.

I Am This Today

Today, I am as the opening rose, showing all my beauty and unfolding from my depths of truth.

Today, I allow all others to unfold as they will.  I welcome their differences and their wonder.

Today, I accept everything and everyone as they are.  I accept myself exactly as I am and love myself for being myself, exactly this way.

I am love and approval.  I am peace and acceptance.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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