Daily Quado: Your body is a tuning fork resonating to your own internal truth

“Your body is a tuning fork resonating to your own internal truth”

Our focus today is integrity.  And integrity means not only living your life honestly, speaking truth, but living it in a peaceful way, where you are not in conflict inside.

Your body is like a tuning fork and the tone to which it resonates is your own internal truth.  It is not the truth that your parents taught you, nor your teachers, nor your peers.  It is your own truth, your own being, what is right for you.  And it runs through your entire body.

When you are acting in concert with this truth, you have a deep settled and comfortable feeling in your center, your solar plexus, and your internal fires burn brightly and true.  When you are acting out of concert with this truth, you feel uncomfortable and edgy, irritable and ill, and over time, this tension can build up and cause disease.

And so, from this definition, living with integrity is going to feel peaceful and calm, it is going to feel as if all of your actions and your decisions not to act are a part of a peaceful whole that makes sense.

Now, do not think that a life of integrity can only be achieved if you have your dream job, a perfect love relationship, and a life without any difficult situations.  There is no such life.  Every job has challenges, every relationship is a work in process, and life is strewn with boulders across your path.  But a life of integrity gives you a center from which to act and deal with these challenges.  It is an inner foundation that allows you to speak to people from a heart of truth as well as compassion and craft solutions that are right for them as well as for you.  It allows you to leave the job or relationship that is truly toxic and seek another, yes, but it also allows you to be a force for change within difficult situations, giving you the courage to speak up in wise and loving ways, presenting creative solutions that move your life situations out of passive acceptance of what is wrong toward situations that feel right.

And it begins with learning your truth, with filling yourself with it, acknowledging it.  When you feel discomfort and tension, when you are full of anxiety, learn to find your truth, learn to determine what truth is being violated.  This is the beginning.  And then, begin to teach yourself courage, the courage to overcome your fear and apparent apathy and begin to create your life of integrity within the situation that surrounds you.

All life creation is to begin here, with this centering within your own truth.

I Am This Today

Today, I open myself to my truth.  I breathe in deeply and open myself to my higher self, which is the source of that truth, and allow it to pour down into me, filling me with the golden energy of love and wisdom, centering me within who I truly am.

Today, I will make my choices from this place of truth, striving to achieve balance and peace within the loving context of my personal truth.

I am love.  I am peace.  I am truth.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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