Daily Quado: The future you crave is fulfilled through courageous and truthful action now

“The future you crave is fulfilled through courageous and truthful action now”

Today, let us explore your relationship with the many aspects of the future.

First, there is hope.  You may think that hope is completely positive, but it is not so.  Hope is also a denial of the present, a removal of yourself from the present moment and the peace and acceptance it contains.  Rather than clinging to hope, you should come deeply into now and find the peace that exists here, and then have faith that the future will flow gently out of this moment into the next, bringing you more understanding and healing over time.  To hope for something specific to happen is to set expectations, and expectations are the road to disappointment.

You would like to know what the future will hold, but the future lies in your own actions and responses, moment by moment, as well as your mental framework now.  The future is not some distant place where everything is magically transformed.  The future is the very next moment, and within this moment, you must reach the truth and step into it.  To realize the most interesting and exciting future possible, much courage is required right now, to do what your heart tells you to do, to reach out to others, to open your heart to love, to help the future to blossom wide.

If you look back at your past, you will see that there were many times when you said no to things in the present moment.  Perhaps they seemed too strange, perhaps too frightening.  Perhaps you hardly even noticed them, because you were so focused on fulfilling your own plans and trying to control the world around you.  Yet there was opportunity all around you, sparkling in the sun.  You are in the same situation now.  All around you are new things you might try.   And deep within your heart is a voice that is urging you in a particular direction, making suggestions, giving advice.  But much of that advice is not sensible in the way you would like, much of it requires great courage to step out of your well-worn path.  But this change you so desperately crave in the future, that hope you cling to so tenaciously, is fulfilled through courageous and truthful action right now.

And the last aspect of the future I wish to explore is your relationship to time.  You exist on more than one level.  On the level of your higher self, you are timeless and eternal.  You glow above with energy, love and knowledge and this does not change.  But this lifetime, which is fed from that higher self, moves in a linear fashion.  It has a beginning and an end and follows certain laws of time.  While you are here, inside this moment, you can take action which, if properly nurtured, will cause great bounty in the future.  You can plant the seeds of good relationships, of talents carefully nurtured, of skills expanded upon.  Spend just a little time and effort now, but steadily, and time takes care of it all for you.  Time helps those seeds to grow into a tender seedling that you must protect from the storms, then a young tree requiring less care, and then a large tree, which can shelter you in the winter and feed you in the summer, with golden fruit coming of its own accord.  But notice that it is also possible to spend great effort in planting, then abandon it during a storm or a drought, and all of your original effort is for nothing.

And so all of this requires balance.  There are the longer-term seeds of your lifetime, the projects, skills, talents, relationships and passions that you nurture over time, so that they are there for sustenance over the years.  And there is also this moment, in which you seek a balance between planting, watching over what is already planted, and also simply enjoying the moment for whatever it holds, right now, no matter what your situation.

And then importantly, there is the voice of truth within, which tells you of special action to take right now, the one that makes your heart beat faster, the one that challenges your beliefs and comfort, the one that requires stepping out of your patterns and doing something uncharacteristic and yet deeply right.  Listen to this voice, and your life will unfold with miracles and a deep and great blossoming of beauty and grace.

I Am This Today

Today, I am completely open to this moment.  I connect with this moment and my truth, deep within my center.  I ask to be led by my truth and am willing to be courageous and steadfast as I follow it.

Today, I also appreciate this moment for its wonder and beauty, exactly as it is.  I seek the peace inside, the oneness with all that is.

Today I also seek balance, to water and tend my seedlings, to plant new seeds, and to glory in the sunshine as I do so.  I dig my hands into the earth, feel the rightness and smell the great fertility of life.

I love this life.  I love myself within it.  I am fully connected to all that is.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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