Daily Quado: Release your criticism of yourself

“Release your criticism of yourself”

Today, I wish for you to release your criticism of yourself.  Today, I wish for you to quiet your mind and accept yourself exactly as you are in this moment, right now.  Accept yourself and approve of yourself, exactly as you are.

It seems to be a paradox, yet it is true, that the path toward great and positive change is through the acceptance of things as they are.

You cannot begin a great journey from a place of falsehood and denial.  You cannot begin a great journey from a place of criticism, anger and frustration.  You can and must begin your journey of growth and change from a place of true and deep understanding and acceptance of exactly how things are right now.

Right now, you are as you are and it is good.  Everything you have ever said and done has led you to this place, where you are poised for the next step.  And all that has happened before has led to your great depth of character, your knowledge and understanding, and the underlying strength that is within you.

If you look back, you will see that the choices you made that harmed you were made from a place of not respecting yourself, of trying to fill your life from the outside, rather than glowing from the inside out.  Reach your center and glow.  Let this be your driving force.  Do not seek comfort from food your body does not need, from drugs or alcohol, through destructive patterns, or an obsessive need for the love and approval of others.  Instead, glow from within, glow from your own core, your own deep love of yourself, your connection to the heart of the universe and the spirit of love that fills and surrounds you. Come into this place of centered love and peace and act from here, and your choices will be full of love and honor and will automatically lead your steps in the direction you truly desire.

I Am This Today

I stand within a deep acceptance and understanding of all exactly as it is.  I love myself.  I approve of myself and all that I am and have been and done.  I honor and respect myself completely and deeply.

I choose to stand in love, to act from love.  I honor and respect myself in every choice I make.

I seek myself only and go deeply within to light the bright fire that is me and to glow from that place.

I am love.  I am peace.  I am all that I need to be.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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