Daily Quado: Be present for the unveiling of each person you encounter

“Be present for the unveiling of each person you encounter”

Today, allow yourself to be completely present, completely open, completely accepting of other human beings.  Share their humanity with them.  Connect and be present, deeply present with them.  Open your heart wide and connect.

Today, when you talk to someone, pull yourself into the conversation differently.  First, quiet your mind.  Stop the editing and judging, the continual chatter and interpretations.  Instead, go deeply into a peaceful quiet and simply allow yourself to truly listen.  Listen and allow yourself to feel the presence of the other person, allow yourself to be within what is being said as well as the other person’s being and presence, their emotional state, what they are truly trying to convey to you. Do this and you will find that you can reach layer after layer of what they are presenting to you.  There are words, there are gestures, there are facial expressions, there is energy being transmitted.  It is all there for you to grasp and be one with.

And then, while you are listening, reach up into your higher self; open to yourself there and allow yourself to connect to this person on a higher level.  Connect with them there, in that place where they are nothing but love and energy, and allow this connection to flow down into you.

Now you are within their presence on many different layers and levels.  And from this place, the words will become largely irrelevant, and you will begin to know them, to feel who they are and what they want, what they fear, what they truly wish to convey to you.  You may sense many layers that you can peel back, exposing underneath the person who wants your approval and acceptance.

For yes, of course, that is what is wanted.  That is always what is wanted, the approval and acceptance by another.  And this is true even when the exterior is harsh, even when the words are combative, even if the person has slipped into one of their defensive modes.  It is still possible to go down underneath and find the glowing ember that is being protected so vigilantly, the tender heart that requires such defensive measures.  It is all there for you to delve into.

Be present for this, for this unveiling of each person you encounter.  Be present and go deep.  You will find it a wondrous adventure.

And then, speak from your heart.  Say what it is that your heart has uncovered when encountering them at this deeper level.  Say the words that come to your mind that will open this person to you, that will reach them, that will make the outer shell drop away and reveal to you the beating heart.

Or simply appreciate them for this new person you have discovered underneath.  Connect with them on this level of sympathy and understanding, showing them just that little glimmer of human contact and appreciation, that one little spark of recognition that they exist in a meaningful way, human to human, heart to heart, even for a moment.

I Am This Today

I am open and receptive, ready to allow another to penetrate my heart and be fully known to me.

Today, I allow myself to connect deeply with others, feeling them, knowing them, being one with them at the highest, deepest and widest levels.

Today, I open myself to the love that is within each person, delving deep to find it, then letting it flow over to me.

I am open and receptive.  I am full of peace and acceptance.  I am love completely.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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