Daily Quado: There is only one voice that matters, the voice of your own truth deep inside

“There is only one voice that matters, the voice of your own truth deep inside”

There are many voices for you to listen to. There is the voice of doubt, questioning every decision and undermining your dearest dreams.  There is the voice of fear, awakening you in the night with a cold shock.  There is the voice of authority, giving you rules to follow.  There is the parental voice, telling you how to be safe.  There is the voice of the friend, who tells you what she would do in your circumstance.  There is the voice of reason, analyzing this option and that option, studying and learning facts and more facts and laying out a logical path forward.  And there may be the voices of angels and spirit guides with whom you have contact, giving you deeper advice, wiser direction.

Many, many voices, all giving you advice, all counseling you to do this, to avoid that.  On and on they go.

But within all of this, there is only one voice that matters, and that is the voice of your own truth deep inside.  Deep inside you, there is a knowing, and it may be that this knowing is not even in words.  It may be that it is a feeling inside, in your center, that expresses itself in its own personal way.

This knowing presence, which is the presence of your infinitely wise and loving higher self within you, knows the very best choice for you to make right now.  Train yourself to know this heart of rightness.  Breathe down to a quiet place and find it there.  It is the quiet beneath the noise of fear, it is the settled feeling underneath all of the flutter of anxiety.  It is the truth that resonates in your body when all is quiet and still.

Do not ask why things are as they are.  Do not ask what will happen next.  Ask “What shall I do now?”  Ask “How shall I approach this?”  These are the questions to which your heart of rightness has answers, steady and true.

And in its quiet rightness, sometimes it advises silence and waiting, a deep patience, just watching and observing.  And then, suddenly, an opening comes and it advises swift and courageous action, to do what must be done in that one instant of opportunity.  Learn to be present with that voice.  Learn to be present with that feeling, that knowing.  It is the answer.

I Am This Today

Today, I am deeply relaxed and yet deeply aware.  I reach a state of quiet watchfulness, aware of what is happening around me and deeply aware of the truth that resides within me.

I watch, observe and listen inwardly, and when the moment for action is here, I take a deep breath, connect with my inner truth, and act out of the sure knowledge of rightness.

I am deeply connected with my own higher self, my own higher truth.  I am at peace.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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