Daily Quado: Free yourself from your lifetime drama

“Free yourself from your lifetime drama”

Today would be an excellent day to pull yourself out of yourself, to let the drama rest for a while and just to relax into being alive.

There is a story line, a drama, which occupies much of your mental space.  In this story line, people have underlying causes that you have assigned to them for what they do.  And also, in this story line, you have a past that existed in a certain way, problems caused by certain events and people, and a pattern formed that stretches out before you.  And much of your life energy is spent in fighting against this dramatic story line or in trying to adhere to it, or in an odd and uncomfortable exercise to do both, somehow, at once.

But the truth of the matter is that you have created this story line yourself and you are the primary author of the ongoing drama of your life.  Given exactly the same circumstances and events, another person would have built an entirely different story line that explained events and people in different ways and that laid out a different pattern.  Think about this for a moment and realize from it the power that you have.

You have the power to reinterpret your entire life.  You have the power to release yourself from these old ideas and patterns and view life in an entirely new and fresh way, a way that is positive, a way that shows a path out of the circles you are running in, a way that gets you unstuck from the glue that is holding you in one spot.

You have the power to free yourself from your lifetime drama by declaring it null and void.  Release yourself from your old interpretations.  Just let it all go.  It no longer matters.  Release yourself from your declarations about yourself, that you have a weight problem or a money problem, that you get upset too easily, that you’re bad with numbers, that you’re unlucky in love.  Whatever your story line is, release it.  Just let it go.

Today, you are full of power.  You are strong and capable and can handle anything which comes your way with grace and from a peaceful center. Today, you act first from love and peace.  Today, you open to newness and invite joy to become a part of your life.

See all of your old dramas and stories like a bird you are holding trapped within your hands.  Now reach out, open your hands and let it all fly away.  Watch as your little bird flies up to the sky and is lit with love and freedom.

You are released.

I Am This Today

Today, I allow myself to fly free.  I release my old patterns and open to the newness that I am.

I choose joy.  I choose love and peace.  I choose life unfettered.

I am free.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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