Daily Quado: Allow others to shine from an inner glow that is not the same as yours

“Allow others to shine from an inner glow that is not the same as yours”

Today I would ask you to allow other people to be who they are.  I would ask you to accept them at whatever stage they are in, in their lifetime and spiritual journeys.  I would ask you to stop projecting onto them the person that you would have them be.

There are times when you walk through your life so strongly projecting, that other people have a presence around you only in terms of what they bring to you and your desires.  And yes, of course, they are individual people, with their own histories, their own desires, their own fears and needs.  And they are also much more interesting than you may give them credit for, if you would just stop, back off your own energy for a moment, and be aware of them as they are.

Today would be a wonderful day to listen, to observe, and to allow other people to just be as they are.  As you do this, notice how judgmental and critical your mind is, and ask your mind to quiet down and let it all be.  Tell the editor and the critic to be silent long enough for you to actually observe the people you are with.  You may make an amazing discovery, that when allowed to blossom outside your criticism and judgment, and perhaps even with your positive support toward their own ends, they are really quite marvelous and fascinating.

People will surprise you endlessly, if you will allow it.  People you do not want to spend a minute with, because you have judged them unacceptable in one way or another, may turn out to have a very interesting life story that led them to where they are now.  And their tomorrow may be much less predictable than you think.

Give each person the great gift of allowing him or her to just be, to sparkle with originality, to shine from an inner glow that is not the same as yours.

I Am This Today

Today, I am completely open and receptive to people as they are.  I am observant and deeply present, lavishing my attention upon others as I watch them open up and shine.

Today, I will smile with joy as I watch others glow from within, free of the burden of my assumptions.

I am deeply connected to every person I meet.  I am peaceful and loving.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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