Daily Quado: Your time alone is the core practice that you must give the highest priority in your life

“Your time alone is the core practice that you must give the highest priority in your life”

We have spoken much of coming to peace, of leaving negative emotions behind and centering in the moment.  But there are more reasons to do this than the cessation of suffering.  There is more to be attained than the lack of pain. There is an entire world of joy and wonder, of glory and beauty, which is waiting for you.

You can see little glimpses of this along the way, of course.  You can feel it when you gaze out at a beautiful sight, when you give yourself a moment to truly delve into a flower.  And of course, when you come to peace and then open yourself to your own soul self, allowing the golden energy and love to pour down into you, you can feel the joy that is your natural state, the joy and love that are your birthright and a deep part of who you are.

These states can be reached and pulled into your life to form a foundation for daily life.  Over the months and years, if you will but practice breathing, meditation, contemplation, whatever works for you in reaching your peaceful center, you can increase the foundation within you, the filling up of your physical presence with peace, love and joy.  And when you do this, that fullness, that foundation, is there for you in the midst of tragedy, in the midst of turmoil and unforeseen events.  That foundation is there for you no matter what happens on the outside, even if the lover leaves and the check does not arrive.  Still that foundation is there.  And within it is a keep knowing that leads you the right response to make to the outward conditions and circumstances of your life.

All of this is yours to have and it is very simple to create.  All it takes is the courage to experiment in finding what works with for you, and the continual experimentation and adjustment as you increase your spiritual awareness and are ready to move to a new level.  Just get up fifteen or thirty minutes earlier and set aside the time for your morning spiritual practice.  And you may make that practice whatever you like, just as long as it is something you are doing alone and just for you.  You may write stream-of-consciousness pages in a journal.  You may breathe and connect deeply through some yoga poses.  You may practice formal meditation.  You may connect with your spirit guide or power animal.  You may simply sit and open yourself to your higher self, just letting that golden energy flow it.  All of this is good.  And you may find that you want to do different things on different days.  This is good as well.

But this time alone, building that foundation, is the core practice that you must give the highest priority in your life.  Be brave enough to ask for this time from your family.  They do not need to share your beliefs in order to give you this little gift.  Be disciplined enough to give it to yourself, this one time you will not violate, this one little slice of life that is yours alone, to connect, to come deep, to fill up your center and light your internal light so that you glow bright enough to light up your corner and then, someday, the world.

I Am This Today

I give myself the gift of quiet time each morning.  I am worth this time.  I deserve it.

I am one with all that is.  I am one with my spiritual self, and with all that exists in the universe.

I immerse myself in the energy of love, peace and joy.  I feel the peace that I am, deep inside.  I feel the love pouring down upon me, into me, over me, surrounding me.  I feel the joy bubbling up inside.

I am joy.  I am love.  I am peace.  I am.


This message from Quado is a gift to you from me. 

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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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