Daily Quado: Doubt is the great defeater, stronger than any combatant you will find out there in the world

“Doubt is the great defeater, stronger than any combatant you will find out there in the world”

What would you do if you had no doubt?  If you believed completely in yourself and your abilities, if you believed in the help that is there for you, surrounding you, if you believed deeply that you are the creator of your life?

What disciplines would you set out for yourself, if you knew absolutely that you would follow through, that you would faithfully follow the program you laid out for yourself?  What addictions and habits would you set out to overcome, if you truly believed that you would have the strength and tenacity to see yourself through the difficult times, the dark moments, the clouds of confusion, the pain of newness and change?

And what great undertakings might you begin, if you believed that you would continue regardless of obstacles and challenges, if you knew you could trust yourself to walk on through the wind and storm in order to achieve your objective?

And if you believed, absolutely, that you are surrounded by help and guidance, that every moment of confusion will be met by answers that come to you from your heart of truth and rightness, what might you do then?  And if you believed yourself lucky, if you believed that the angels and sprits would drop little hints, create little coincidences, in order that you might occasionally lift yourself up and over a few of the obstacles in your path, that you might walk into a room and meet the right person, that you might win the competition and pass the audition, what might you try then, if you knew that the angels were with you in their serendipitous ways?

The beauty of this type of strong belief is that it makes its own luck; it makes its own success.  Doubt is the great defeater, stronger than any combatant you will find out there in the world, greater than any external challenge, more formidable than any enemy you might encounter.

Banish doubt.  See the creative genius that you are.  Believe in yourself and in the help that is there for you.  Allow yourself to dream that big dream, to take on that enormous project, to begin the journey of a hundred thousand steps.  If you fight the battle, take on the challenge, and give it everything that you have, yet fail to reach your objective, you will have had the experience and the learning that comes with this one failed attempt.  And you can then use that courage and strength to prepare yourself either for another attempt or for a new objective, one based on new knowledge.  But if you sit down in defeat never even having tried, then you learn nothing, you grow not at all.

You are much stronger than you know.  Today, right now, take a deep breath, wipe the past clean and fill yourself with faith.  It does not matter that you have tried and given up before.  Today, you begin anew.

Now, knowing that you will succeed, knowing that you are strong and capable, knowing that you are supported at every turn and that neither you nor your army of helpers will ever give up, what would you like to begin today?

I Am This Today

I believe in myself.  I am strong and capable and will carry out any task I set for myself, overcoming obstacles, facing challenges and filling myself with faith at every turn.

I am surrounded by help and love.  I know that answers will come to me when I need them and that my light will burn bright enough to let me see through any darkness.  I am led and guided by a deep knowing.

I am the creator of my life.  What I dream, I can create.  I am patient and tenacious, and allow time to unfold as it will, as I follow the path I know is right for me.

I am at peace.  I walk my path with in love and joy.  I love myself deeply and have complete faith in myself and my place in the universe.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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