Daily Quado: Be full of faith and courage, based in love and glowing with truth

“Be full of faith and courage, based in love and glowing with truth”

Today I wish to speak of the process that moves you from your state of fear and doubt into a state of courage and faith.

This is not something that is accomplished overnight.  It is like everything else in life.  It is a journey full of challenges and obstacles, and times when you must reverse your steps for a while before you can go forward again.  It is a journey that requires you to pull out the greatest within yourself as well as rely on the help of the spiritual world that surrounds you.  It is, in fact, the journey of your life.

And so, all you really need to do is live your life, but with the goal in mind that you will face every fear square in the face and dig deep for courage, not allowing yourself to back down or give up.  And your other goal, which is of equal importance, is that you will banish doubt and replace it with belief in your own capabilities and faith in the help of the benevolent universe.

It is really a state of mind that you are to have as you go about life, facing the challenges, overcoming obstacles and relating to others with an open and compassionate heart.  Just put it in the forefront of your mind, put in the depths of your heart, and know that you are fully capable of living a vibrant life of courage and openness, a life of faith.

Remember always that fear is darkness and cannot withstand the light of love.  Love is always your best weapon against fear:  Love of yourself, love of life, love for others, and a belief in the unending flow of love that is there for you and everyone and is, in fact, the very substance of the universe.  All is love.

And if love is light and fear is darkness, then fear is really just the absence of love.  So when you are afraid, fill yourself with love, giving yourself again the substance that you are, glowing from within and driving away fear.

And doubt is the shadow that lingers around fear, that half-world in which you neither are nor are not.  It weakens you and saps your energy.  But again, it is a shadow, not a force, and if you will but fill yourself with love and faith and glow brightly, it has no choice but to retreat.

It is a way of life, a way of being, to be full of faith and courage, to be based in love and glowing with truth.  Let this be your foundation and you cannot go wrong.  Let this be your foundation, and every step will lead you on the great journey toward deep inner peace and connection with all that is.

I Am This Today

I am made of love.  It is my substance, it is my all.

I believe in myself and my connection to the great universe of love.  I am open to the unending flow of love and let it fill me, minute by minute, hour by hour.

I shine with love.  I am love.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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