Daily Quado: Walk as if you own the world, for you do.

“Walk as if you own the world, for you do.”

Today, walk with your head held high.  Walk as if you own the world, for you do.  It is your world and you are creating it moment by moment, with your thoughts, your attitude and your actions.

Today, when you walk, hold your chin up high, your shoulders back.  Walk relaxed and confident, square with the world.  When you pass someone, look them directly in the eye and smile.

And as you do so, as you connect with them and smile, feel the glory of the universe flooding in through you.  Feel the crown of your head opening and your own soul self infusing you with joy.

Of course you should be confident.  You are everything.  You are perfect.  You are beautiful.  You are.

I Am This Today

I give thanks for all that I am, for the beauty and wonder around me and for the deep connection that I feel to all of it.

Today, I embrace my own wonder.  Today, I allow my soul self to fill me with the beauty and wonder that I am, connecting this beautiful and perfect body to my soul self, recognizing this body as a manifestation of the perfection that I am.

Today, I hold my head high for I know that I belong here, that I created myself out of the beauty and wonder that I am, to have this adventure, to be this expression.  I accept myself completely, just as I am.  And I know that I am on but one step of my journey, a journey which is laid out before me and that I can infuse with joy and beauty at any moment I choose to.

I feel and embrace my wonder.  I love myself deeply, as I love the world, as I love life.

I am without fear.  I am without doubt.  I am.


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