Daily Quado: As you open to it, the beauty of life will be revealed to you

“As you open to it, the beauty of life will be revealed to you.”

There are days, moments, when life opens to you all her beauty and wonder.  Moments when the roses seem to unfold before you, when a drop of dew on the petal contains the entire universe of love and wonder.

There are moments when the leaf in your hand reveals to you all her intricate patterns and each bird that flies across the sky has a message which is sung out for you.

And all you need to do is open to the world, learn to grow quiet and be receptive to her beauty and her messages, her wonder and glory.  You are a part of it, connected to it.  And as you consciously open to it, the beauty of life will be revealed to you.

Each day, look for moments of peace and beauty.  Look for a way to walk from here to there that takes you by the flowers, the grass, under a spreading tree.  Look up at the sky and watch the clouds.  Pay attention to the birds.  Spend little moments here and there, even in walking across the parking lot, in which you consciously become one with the beauty of the world.  These little moments will be little drops of water into your well of peace.  They will add up, drop by drop, building your center of peace and wonder and will be there for you when you need to be the source of light.

I Am This Today

Today, may I open to the wonder and glory that is life.  May her beauty pour down upon me and bless me, moment by moment, throughout my day.

Today, may I walk in beauty and wonder, feeling my connection with all that is, in every step, in every glance.  May I know that I am a part of all that is, a part of the sky, a part of the clouds, a part of each blade of grass.

And may all of this bring me peace in my heart and in my center.

I am one with all that is.  I am deeply connected.  I am.


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