Daily Quado: Do something today you have never done before

“Do something today you have never done before.”

If you are feeling that your energy is stagnant, that you are stuck in old patterns, that abundance is not flowing, that life is not fresh and moving along as it should, you can always recharge your life and your energy with a nice energy bath and with an assignment.

The energy bath is simple.  Picture in the sky above you the sparking gold and silver particles of energy which are a part of the universal love which is there for you.  Watch them as they swirl gently around, then form in a cone of gently swirling, cleansing energy.  Take your time as the cone of gold and silver energy particles gently lowers over you, clearing away your anxiety, your boredom, your fear and doubt, your regrets over yesterday and your worries about tomorrow.  Let it lower over your entire body, slowly clearing the pain and blockages from your heart and solar plexus, from your entire body.  Then when you are ready, let it lift off and take all the negative with it.

Then picture a bright golden ball over your head, your soul self, your higher self, glowing and made of love and energy.  Allow a bright golden shaft of self to flow down into you.  Open wide the top of your head and allow this pure and perfect energy to fill you with love, peace, and purpose.  Allow it to reignite your passion to live and be.  Bask in this joyous presence for as long as you can retain the focus.

And now the assignment:  do something today you have never done before.  Fresh and cleansed, full of purpose, peace, love and joy, go out into the world and do something new.  Anything at all, as long as you have never done it before.

I Am This Today

Today, may I experience the newness of life.  I invite the energies of the universe to clear away the old and allow the fresh and new to enter me, so that I may see life within my light, glowing bright and full of sparkling possibility.

Today, I am as born anew, with fresh eyes and spirits, opening my eyes to new ways of seeing and experiencing, opening my ears to new ways of listening, opening my heart to new love.

I am full of the light that I am, glowing brightly in my center, and I know that I belong in this world.  I know that this experience is what I am meant to experience and I welcome it.  I embrace life and all of my experiences.  I open to it and allow life to flow to me and through me.  I welcome the flow, the change, the newness, the bright promise of the day.

I am cleansed and perfect. I am open and flowing.  I am full of the brightness of my own presence and being.  I am.


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