Daily Quado: Define success and prosperity on your own terms

“Define success and prosperity on your own terms”

Do not be a victim of the society in which you live.  You need to be aware of it and its rules, so that you can prosper within it, but you also need to define success and prosperity on your own terms.

You are bombarded by messages and images which are aimed at making you dissatisfied with yourself.  Their purpose is to compel you to spend money or hand over allegiance.  Their promises of wealth and power are designed to increase the wealth and power of other people, not you.

Today, be aware of this.  When you feel that longing and dissatisfaction, look at what is causing it.  Is it coming from your core of peace and rightness?  No, it is coming from television and magazines and is calculated to make you feel dissatisfied, longing to be other than what you are, desiring to lose weight, have plastic surgery, buy expensive clothing, a grand house and car.  It is calculated to make you think that you are unworthy unless you have achieved these status symbols of success.

It is your job to define prosperity on your own terms.  It is your job to see these images for what they are, and build a life which is based on love, compassion and respect, both for yourself and for others.  It is your job to nurture your spiritual foundation and build a peaceful center within, a center which will withstand the setbacks and obstacles which are a natural part of life and growth, making you stronger as you meet each challenge.

Find out what is truly important to you, what feeds your deepest core, what builds you up inside, and follow this, do this, no matter what anyone else says, no matter what society directs.  You are fully responsible for your life and you can make it beautiful and fulfilling, your interior world a safe harbor you turn to and your outer world a loving gift.

I Am This Today

Today, I live from the inside out, nurturing my inner core, filling myself with peace.

Today I am delighted to be who I am, exactly as I am.  I know that I am exactly who I should be, standing exactly where I should stand.  And I see the path stretching ahead sparkling with possibility and opportunity.

I am at peace with all that I have been and done, am deeply centered in who I am right now and look forward with peace to the next step I will take.

I am so glad to be me and living my life, that I give thanks, deep thanks, for each breath I take.

I am beauty and perfection just as I am.  I am at peace.  I am.



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