Daily Quado: Give yourself the freedom to make mistakes

“Give yourself the freedom to make mistakes”

Today, give yourself the benefit of the doubt.  Assume that what you have done and been was exactly right and release the hold the past has on you.  Just let it be and allow yourself to be who you are.  Do not hold your every action up for examination and judgment, second-guessing yourself continually.  Was that the right decision?  Should I have done this instead?  Let that be.  You did what you did and it was the best that you could do in that moment.  And that is enough.

Make your choices, do what seems best and then let it be.  You cannot possibly know all of the ripples which your action may cause on the pond of life in any event.  Just let it be in peace and move on.  In this moment, there is another choice to be made.  Just go deep, find the answer and do what you believe you should do.  Then relax and let it go.

If you are not making any mistakes, then you are not growing and learning, you are not stretching the possibilities of what you can do and become.  Give yourself the freedom to make many mistakes.  Just look upon these so-called failures as stepping stones to get you where you wish to go.  Let each mistake and challenge propel you forward, not stop you in your tracks.  Take what you learned, absorb it and then move on.  Take the setback, learn from it and try again, this time taking on an even larger challenge.

Let each test and challenge make you wiser and stronger, building up your muscles of patience, understanding and self-confidence.  After all, you survived.  Congratulate yourself on having tried something new.  Congratulate yourself on being courageous enough to take on a challenge.

Each brave act will lift you higher and let you know even more about yourself and those around you.  There are no mistakes, no failures; there is only learning, only growth, being and becoming.

I Am This Today

I am as I am and it is good.  I trust myself to make choices and decisions.  I trust myself to take action.  I am strong and capable.  I am full of faith and courage.

I do what I do and then release and relax, allowing life to unfold as she will.

I am at peace.  I am one with all that is.  I am.


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