Daily Quado: You are like the snowflake, utterly unique, yet also a part of the bank of snow, inseparable

“You are like the snowflake, utterly unique, yet also a part of the bank of snow, inseparable”

There is meaning in your life.  There is purpose and direction, even though you cannot discern what it is, even though it seems confusing from your vantage point.  If you could fly to the heavens and watch the planets spin and turn, if you could lift yourself high enough, you would understand the patterns and great arcs and flows of meaning.  But from here, you must simply have faith and do what you believe is right to do.

I would ask you to believe that you are a treasure in the universe and that you are guided and aided.  Believe that your own power is one with the power of the great all, and that the more you release all else and move into your connection with the oneness that is, the more your own desires and the intentions of the universe will meld and blend and the way will be made clear.

You are like the snowflake, utterly unique, yet also a part of the bank of snow, inseparable.  You are one and you are part of all.  You are an individual full of power, but your power derives more from your connection to the all than to your individuality.  But yet your individuality is a treasure that makes the all what it is. Without you, the entire world, the entire universe, would be lacking something it now has.

You do not need to rationally understand why you are here or what you are to do with your life.  You do not need a plan that you can explain to the world.  All you need to do is go deep, deep enough that you are full of peace and connection.  And there, you may simply ask, what shall I do right now?  And faith will be all around you, letting you know that the answer to that question contains within it all of the intention and purpose that you need.  Your higher self is connected to the greater swirling patterns of what is and the answer which comes answers not only your purpose and higher intention, but that of the entire universe of which you are a part.

Yes, the answer says, right now, do this.  Do this full of faith, full of connection and oneness, full of love and peace, and your one little action will be a harmonious part of the all that is.

I Am This Today

I believe that my life has meaning and purpose and that I am deeply connected, an important part of all that is.  I know this connection as the source of my power.

I am strong and capable and full of peace and love.  I know that there is help for me, all around me, at all times.  I know I am never alone.

I am full of faith.  I am.


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