Daily Quado: Today’s little rosebud is tomorrow’s open, fragrant bloom

“Today’s little rosebud is tomorrow’s open, fragrant bloom”

Today dawns bright with promise.  Today sparkles with opportunity.  And all of it is not some dream of the future.  All of it is right around you, right in front of you, the phone message unanswered, the thought that flitted across your mind that you have not yet followed through on.

Today, pull yourself out of the past and your focus on disappointments and regrets.  And importantly, pull yourself out of your fantasies of the future and act within now.  Right now, there are opportunities in front of you.  They are perhaps things you have thought unimportant.  Or perhaps they are somewhat routine or uninteresting to you, like completing an administrative task which would clear the space for creativity. Or perhaps it is a creative project and you are waiting for inspiration instead of just picking up the pen, putting it to paper and allowing words to flow.

Or perhaps it is something that you are a little afraid of and so have put off, like picking up the telephone and calling someone to ask for advice or help.

All of this is around you.  Possibility after possibility.  Many, many things you could follow through on.  And instead, you too often dream of some future state and leave all of this undone.

The future comes out of now, this moment.  The future has no power.  All of the power is now, this moment, right here, right now, as you sit at your desk and see around you all of the things you could and should do.

Today’s little rosebud is tomorrow’s open, fragrant bloom.  Follow through on the little things now, nurture the projects and relationships, protect that seedling.  Do what you need to do now, do what calls to you in this moment, and the future will take care of itself, clean and clear of debt and obligation, flowing with creativity, glowing and sparkling with opportunity.

I Am This Today

I release the past and future and move fully into now, this moment.  I see this moment clearly and embrace all that it holds.

I feel my power, here, right now.  I feel my connection to what is.  I feel the energy of this moment as it flows through me, around me and to me.  I am one with all that is.  I am one with the flow.  My power derives from my deep connection to what is.

I am aware.  I am connected.  I am powerful.  I am.


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