Daily Quado: Let joy bubble up from inside you and overflow

“Let joy bubble up from inside you and overflow”

Today, let joy bubble up from inside you and overflow.  Express joy at every possible opportunity.

If this seems impossible, then come down into this moment, into now, right now.  Release the past and its regrets.  Release the future and your worries.  Come deeply into the moment and find the joy.

And if you still do not feel the joy, then allow your higher self to enter and teach you joy.

Relax and breathe deeply several times.  Center yourself completely into now, this moment.  Picture a bright ball of energy above you and know it as your own higher self, your own soul self, glowing above you, full of love, joy and wisdom.

Then consciously open up the crown of your head and picture the golden column of energy that flows into you.  Feel it.  See how it widens.  Feel the flow of love.  Feel the flow of wisdom and knowingness.  Feel the joy.

Continue to focus on this flow until the joy fills you so full you begin to smile.

This joy does not need a reason to be.  This joy does not need anything outside of you.  This joy is.  And it is there for you ever and always.

I Am This Today

I open to myself and allow the great love and joy that I am to pour into me.

I am full of joy.  I am full of love.  I am wise beyond knowing.

I am.


This message from Quado is a gift to you from me. 

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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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