Daily Quado: Doors are opening all around you

“Doors are opening all around you”

There are doors opening all around you.  Stop for a moment, close your eyes and take a deep breath.  And now, sense the doors all around you.  Sense them.  Feel them.  They are opening all around you.  You are surrounded by opportunity.

The difficulty that most have with these doors is that they are not planned and they are not clearly marked.  They are doors you may approach and perhaps glimpse into, but they are not going to deliver up their full sweetness and surprise until you take a deep breath and walk through.

And once inside, who knows what may await you?  It could be that you will be led to the base of a mountain, and the climb ahead may seem quite daunting from this vantage point.  But the reward is new growth, a new becoming.

It could be that the door leads to a sweet flowering garden where you may rest for a time, waiting only for a golden pear to drop into your outstretched palm.

Your heart knows.  Your heart knows that the doors stand open.  And from where you are right now, intending what you intend, desiring what you desire, your heart knows which door is the most likely to lead you to the greatest exploration and the next becoming.

So set down your plans and schedules, that map of the way your life should be.  Feel the call of your heart and soul.  Open the crown of your head and let your higher self enter in quiet and peaceful presence within you.  Fill yourself with faith and know that your higher self and all of the other help surrounding you are on your side, are, in fact, extensions and reflections of you.  Take a deep breath and walk forward to the door that feels right in this moment, right now.  See how it begins to open before you.  See how the sunlight pours through and dazzles you, dazzles you so much that it is impossible to know what lies on the other side of the threshold.  You must walk forward by feel and on faith, just because it feels right to you, deep inside.

Now step.  And step.  And step.

I Am This Today

I am full of faith.  I know that I am attuned to all that is, deeply connected to the higher purpose of my own higher self and that of the universe.

I am surrounded by opportunity and am full of knowing, deep inside.  My center is a pool of peace and knowing, and I quiet my mind so that I can feel and know which way to turn.

The peace of the world is deep and true and I am connected deeply to it.

I am connection.  I am love and truth.  I am.


This message from Quado is a gift to you from me. 

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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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