Daily Quado: Focus on the courage you will need to make it through the storm

“Focus on the courage you will need to make it through the storm”

Do not assume that because life has led you to a place where you are clinging to the edge of a mountainside, feeling exposed and at risk, nothing but difficulties and challenges surrounding you, that this has been a mistake or that it is not exactly where you ought to be.  Assume rather the opposite.

Assume that this position of yours is exactly what you need to teach you the deepest and most profound lessons.  Lessons of courage, lessons of faith, lessons of trust.  Focus not on the betrayals and mistakes which may have led you here.  Focus instead deeply inside, on what it will take to find the next handhold and move gradually off the precarious shelf and onto firmer footing.  Focus on the courage you will need to make it through the storm that is brewing in the distance even now.  Focus on the help which surrounds you and which is signaling to you, pointing the way, showing you the next step to take.

For when you reach the top of that mountain, you will look out on the wide vista below and feel within you all of the strength and courage it took to continue.  You will know yourself as strong and capable; you will be full of pride for having endured and triumphed.

How foolish to waste this moment in crying, trembling or ranting in anger, when you might instead reach down within and find there great treasures, great wonders of strength and patience, and a deep connection to your own spirit.

I Am This Today

I have within me all that I need to face the challenges which life brings to me.  I honor all of my past actions and accept that I am, right now, exactly where I need to be for the next wonder of my life to unfold.

I am full of faith.  I am open to the guidance and help which surrounds me at all times.  I am deeply connected to my higher self and to all that is.

I am full of peaceful acceptance.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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