Daily Quado: Rethink your plans in light of new information

“Rethink your plans in light of new information”

Today, I would have you face the day and your life with flexibility.  I would ask you to rethink your plans in light of new information.  I would ask you to look around and reassess what you are doing and where you are going.

What happens so often is that when you make a plan, you put into place many filters which will allow in only information and circumstances which support that plan.  Other things which are occurring around you are filtered out and do not exist in the view of your strong commitment and determination to achieve what you have planned.

In some ways this can be good, in that it helps you focus and not be led astray by distractions, and it can also keep discouragement at bay.  But you must stop your progress and take a look around periodically and make sure that what you are doing still makes sense.

The position of power and knowledge is here and now.  What made sense before may no longer be the best and shortest path to achieving what you wish.  This is true even if you asked for and received spiritual guidance.  The future is not fixed.  A very accurate reading of the future is just a predictor of the most likely outcome, given the thoughts, plans and events which are happening and beginning.  It does not take into account something completely new which may occur.

If you pay attention to those who predict the future, you know this is so.  Sometimes they are correct, but sometimes they are dramatically incorrect.

And so what this tells you is to follow your path, yes, but to periodically stop and look around.  Open up those filters, take off those blinders, lift your head up from your task and ask yourself whether you should readjust what you are doing.  There is no shame in altering your path, even if you were deeply committed to it before.  Continuing just because you are proud is a formula for disaster.

Once you learn how to do this, you will begin to take joy in the process.  The fresh and new will become a source of inspiration to you.  You will realize that there is no reason to grind away, working doggedly for something, when all around you new possibilities and opportunities are springing up.

Today, look around and be aware.  Open to the world as it is right now.

I Am This Today

Today, I set aside my plans and commitments and open myself to a clear view of how things are, right now, right here.  I embrace the changes; I honor the new and fresh and allow it to enter my field of sight and knowledge.

I love how everything changes and I embrace each change as a gift given to me for my use.  I see the new opportunities and possibilities surrounding me, sparkling like diamonds in the grass.  I take my time, watch and observe, and ask again for the guidance to know the next step to take.

I am open and flexible.  I am at peace with how things are.  I am deeply connected.  I am.


This message from Quado is a gift to you from me. 

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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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