Daily Quado: You have all the answers you need to have, deep within

“You have all the answers you need to have, deep within”

There are those of you who are very worried.  You spend your precious days in needless worry about the next thing that may happen or not happen.  You awaken in the middle of the night, heart pounding.

I ask you to end this anxiety. I ask you to seek peace in your heart.

Your worries do not help any situation at all.  And if you look back, you will think of many, many instances in which you were worried and lost sleep and the thing you were so concerned about did not come to pass.  You will also see other circumstances in which the dreaded event did occur and yet you were able to handle it much more easily than you thought.  And even in those instances where the worst happened, you did survive, and your worries had not helped in the least.

And so, when you are in this state, there are remedies, and you must apply them.  The first is to center yourself within yourself through breathing.  Breathe deeply and slowly, yet comfortably, and with each breath in, bring peace, with each breath out, release anxiety, fear and doubt.  Just allow your body to clear of toxins through your breath.  Watch your breath mentally as you do this, peace in, anxiety out.

Then come down to your center of peace and notice the love which is flowing all around you. Invite it to flow into you.  Feel the endless love of the universe as it flows into you and cleanses you of fear.  Call in any spiritual help which you care to, including me, and feel the warmth and support which is there for you.  And deep within your calmest self, if you have a particular issue you are wrestling with, ask, how shall I approach this situation?  An answer will probably pop into your mind right at that moment.  If not, just relax and know that it will come to you over time, unfolding in the next few hours.

You are not alone.  There is help all around you, and it is found deep within yourself.  You have all the answers you need to have, deep within.

Fear is not your friend.  But you are surrounded by friends, by love and caring, at all times.  Come down to your center, deep within this moment now, and you will find us here, offering you answers and advice.  You will find yourself here, deeply centered and calm, peaceful and knowing, strong and capable and able to handle whatever comes your way.

I Am This Today

I am surrounded by love and caring.  I am supported and aided.  I am deeply loved.  I am safe.

I am strong and capable and have within me all of the knowledge and strength I need to live this life, and to live it well.

I am at peace, deeply centered and connected.  I am all that I need to be.  I am.


This message from Quado is a gift to you from me. 

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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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