Daily Quado: Everything is better when you relax and observe

“Everything is better when you relax and observe”

Today, I wish for you to stop pushing, probing and trying to control.  Let your push energy go.  All of that striving and trying has much less power than the simple power of observation and response.

Everything is better when you relax and observe.  Then, within that observation, within that acceptance of what actually is, you can choose to take action, action that is in concert with what is happening around you, in concert with the desires of other people you interact with, in concert with the flow that is under the activities on this particular path.

You may choose your path.  But once upon it, you will best be advised to sense its flow and ride it, putting your energies into becoming one with it, rather than trying to fight it.

You can have great influence over others and their activities, but only if you feel and know who they are, what they care about, and the overall direction they desire.  Combine this understanding of others with an intuitive sense of the underlying flow of events; catch the newness which no one yet knows as it arises out of the flow and becomes actual; be a part of the creative and renewing process by allowing yourself to observe it.  Do all this and you will have unbelievable power.

But if you hold your head down, looking only at your own plans and desires, pushing and complaining, frustrated and tense, and you will miss it all.  You will be so busy pushing your great rock up the hill that you may not even notice the new pathway that has just appeared on your right, allowing you to just let the rock go, stand up tall, and stroll easily through to the meadow on the other side.

Everything is better when you relax.  Everything is clearer when you breathe deeply and look around.  Everyone is kinder and gentler when you embrace them with love in your heart.

I Am This Today

Today, I am completely relaxed and open.  I breathe deeply and let all of the tension go from my mind and body.

I open my eyes and look around and see how life is, exactly as it is.  I look at the world with wonder and anticipation, eagerly awaiting the next wonderful new thing to open before me, taking me by sweet surprise.

Today, I open my heart to others and gladly embrace their dreams as my own.

I am relaxed.  I am full of love.  I am in peaceful acceptance.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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