Daily Quado: Focus on your power

“Focus on your power”

Today would be a perfect day for you to focus on your power, acknowledging it, feeling it and increasing its usefulness in your life.  Begin a meditative practice that you incorporate into your morning spiritual routine and then use throughout the day, as you require.

Sit with your back very straight, so that the top of your head is reaching up to the sky, your spine and neck supporting it in a straight line underneath.  If you cannot do this physically, just do it in your mind.  The purpose is to have your head reaching up and a clear path from the top of your head down to your solar plexus.

And now, breathe deeply a few times to clear your mind and center yourself within peace.  If you practice every day, just one or two breaths should take you to a calm and tranquil place.  If you are very tense and have a busy mind, then just count down from ten as you breathe, in ten, out ten, in nine, out nine.  Or you may mentally watch your breathe as it flows in and out.

Now, picture a bright glowing ball above you, which is your higher self.  It is love and peace and joy complete.  It is energy and knowledge.  It is all, a little piece of the great all of which you are a part and deeply connected.  Now open the top of your head to receive all of the energy and love that is you.  This is the true self, the true being that drives you, feeds you.  Everything good and joyful in your life is fed from this source.

Open the top of your head and allow the golden energy to pour down into you.  And as it comes down into you, it will soften and open your heart to love.  And as it comes down into you, it will reach the spark in your solar plexus, a little light that is always burning there.  It will strike this light and feed it, like fanning a great flame.  And you will begin to glow ever brighter, brighter and brighter.  And the glow from your center will light up your entire body, until you are glowing golden all over, alight with the love and peace of your very own soul self, your own spark, your divine presence.

And then this light is so strong that the glow spreads outward, and you know that every one who is even near you will feel and know this glow at some level.  It lights the whole area around you, driving away fear and doubt.  No darkness can stand up to this glow, the glow of internal light and love and a deep centered peace and connection.

You are full of power.  In this moment of connection, you are complete power.  Know it, feel it. The tiredness falls away.  The negative emotions fall away.  You are peace and love.  You are everything you could ever care to be.

Do this every day, if only for a few minutes.  And then, throughout the day, when you are beginning to feel tired or irritated or sad, just form the picture in your mind and sit up a little taller and let it all flow into you, giving you the strength and power you need.

I Am This Today

I am full of power.  I open to my higher self and allow the power and glory that is me to flow down into me and light my inner fires.  My heart opens with love.  My center accepts the peace and connectedness that is my birthright.

I can feel my strength growing.  I can feel the power and connection fill me.

I am peace and love.  I am joy and connection.  I am.


This message from Quado is a gift to you from me. 

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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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