Daily Quado: Exploring the creative arts can be a wonderful way to focus your life

“Exploring the creative arts can be a wonderful way to focus your life”

Today, I would like you to focus on creativity. You may think that you are not creative, but it is not so.  Everyone is creative. It is the foundation of your life, your ability to create each moment that you live and breathe as you go.

Exploring the creative arts can be a wonderful way to focus your life.  They demand much of you, but they return tenfold what you give to them.

So many children stop their creative efforts because they are criticized; a careless comment has left them thinking that they cannot sing, cannot draw, cannot dance.  But in fact, within each art form, there is likely to be something that you can do and do well, if you will but allow yourself to dedicate the time to discover it and then to develop it.

If there is a little yearning inside, perhaps an old memory of some art you enjoyed, then pursue it.  If you were once involved in some art form and then just ran out of time, find a space for it again in your life.  If you are an artist, then raise your level, lift yourself into some new explorations, both of craft and of spirit.

The craft is where it begins, and you must have the discipline to develop it.  This discipline is a wonderful teacher.  It teaches you to work through your impatience, it teaches you the value of persistent effort, and it opens up such levels of personal satisfaction when you finally succeed.

And once you have experimented enough to discover the art form you wish to pursue, then you practice, first imitating others and then branching out into your own self-expression.  And after much time and effort, you will be ready to allow your inner self to find out expression through your art, and this is a wondrous thing indeed.

But when you do this, be prepared.  For if you are truly original, then you are not like everyone else.  Creativity requires a deep courage and central core, to hold on to who you are, and to appreciate your own self-expression in the face of criticism and rejection.  But there is much, much to be learned here as well.  For you will learn to take from the criticism what is valuable and let the rest go.  When you have some doubts about a work of art that are then validated by others, you will want to listen and adjust your work.  But when you know that what you produced was exactly what you wanted to say and then it is criticized, you will have the deep satisfaction of standing your ground and saying, no, that is exactly what I wanted to say.  And at this point, you are truly a creative artist.

I Am This Today

I am a deeply creative person.  It is my birthright and it lies within me.  There is no one else in the world exactly like me.  I am an original.

I express myself openly and clearly, showing my truth in everything I do.  I am willing to dedicate the time and discipline in honing my craft so that I can use it to express myself to the world.

I am creative.  I am whole and complete, just as I am.   I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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