Daily Quado: Do not think yourself unattractive because the full experience of your life shows on your body

“Do not think yourself unattractive because the full experience of your life shows on your body”

Today, I wish for you to see yourself as a flower, opening up to the world.  You are but a bud, opening up to let the world see your beauty, smell your perfume.  And as any flower, you are not exactly like the others, not even those of the same general type as you.  You are different. You are unique.  And it is the uniqueness that makes your beauty and wonder what it is.

How foolish would the orange rose be, to wish it were pink.  How silly for the red rose with that one white streak to wish that she could be a solid red as are some others.  For it is this very white streak, or this orange hue, that makes these roses who they are, that differentiates them and gives them the creative edge to be just who they are.

And as you open and bloom, your beauty will grow.  As you unfold to the world more of who you are, your wonder will be shared.  Do not attempt to stay a bud, to stay closed and die on the vine without having fully bloomed.  Let us see you, just as you are, with your brand of beauty.  Let us see you open and bloom and share your unique creative wonders with the world.

And as the full open summer turns to fall, do not mind that your petals begin to wither.  Do not think yourself unattractive because the full experience of your life shows on your body.  This is natural and exactly as it should be.  Let us see the life you have lived.  Let it be etched on your skin as it is in your heart.  Let us take pleasure in sharing what you have learned in these many years of growing and exploring.  Let us see that you have earned the right to share your wisdom with us.

And when the time comes that you drop to the ground, this experience over, this adventure done, we will not mourn overmuch.  For we know the truth, that this little life, this brief precious time blooming as a rose here in this garden, was but a part of a larger cycle.  We know, as you will, that it is the rose bush that endures, that the roots are strong and go down into the earth, that the plant continues to live, even after the roses have dropped and the snow covers the ground.  The roots are there and more life springs forth evermore, evermore.

So take both of these lessons to heart:  for this brief time you are this particular rose, let us see you shine out with your glory.  And when the time comes to end this blooming, go with grace, knowing that you will bloom again in the spring, perhaps this time in pink or purple, but still unique, still glowing with love and life, and again, with this brief precious span to show us who you are.

I Am This Today

I am as the rose, unique and beautiful, exactly as I am.

I open to the world and share all that I am.  I show myself exactly as I am, letting my perfume waft out across the garden of life.  I love every petal and every crease, everything that I am, at this phase in my blooming.  Everything is exactly as it should be.

I glow and show myself and do not fear the end of this cycle, for I know absolutely that there is no end to life.  I am eternal.  I am ever-blooming and ever-returning.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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