Daily Quado: Take a ride on the wings of an angel

“Take a ride on the wings of an angel”

Sometimes one must take a ride on the wings of an angel to see life as it truly is.  Sometimes one must fly up out of the wind and storms, the sleet and snow, up into the clouds, where the lightning strikes and the thunder roars, then through the clouds and up and up, until finally, you break through and see the sun.

For the sun shines always, even though your life in this moment may seem dark and stormy.  The sun shines and the seasons come and go, the winter turns to spring and life is renewed, ever and always.

And if you will but catch a ride with an angel passing by, you can lift yourself up out of the storm, high above the clouds, to the light.  And there, you can gain a new perspective and know that nothing is ever lost, nothing and no one ends, all is connected and one in a great peace.  And most importantly of all, all is love.

I Am This Today

I am one with all that is.  I am deeply connected with the great all, the great silence, the godhead and the power.  I am one with all people who walk the earth, all people who went before and will follow me, for all are one and there is no end and no beginning, only now.

I am made of love.  I am one with all that is.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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