Daily Quado: Your heart yearns to climb the mountain

“Your heart yearns to climb the mountain”

Your life is not a problem to solve.  Your life is.  And there is no solution, since it is not a problem.  There is no action you can take that will suddenly eliminate all of your so-called problems. There is no plan you can follow that will take you to a place where there are no challenges.  Each challenge is always supplanted by the next.  And this is not a problem.  This is life.

Imagine that you are climbing a great mountain.  Your hands are bleeding and you are freezing from the snow.  You are sometimes fortunate, and find open passages you were not aware of until you were upon them.  And you are sometimes frustrated as you follow what you think is a viable path, only to find a dead end, requiring that you circle back, retrace your steps, and try another approach.  And this goes on and on, and you think that when you reach the peak of that mountain, everything will be perfect.

And when you do reach that peak, for just a moment, your dreams are fulfilled. You have your moment of triumph as you look out over the vista below.  You have your moment of great satisfaction as you realize your achievement.  And the true achievement is fully within you, that you are stronger, that you have proven that you can do it, that you have come to know your courage and stamina, and realize that you can do anything at all, now that you have shown yourself that you can do this.

But then imagine a bit more time passing.  First you relax and heal, but over time you begin to grow restless and bored on your mountaintop.  The new skills you acquired during your long climb want to be used.  You yearn for more challenges; you desire new circumstances against which to test this new-found courage and strength.

And one day, the clouds clear completely and you look out and see another mountain, larger and looming in the distance, and everything within you aches to take on this challenge.  And so finally, one day, you succumb to this wish, leave your hard-won perch upon the mountaintop, and begin the treacherous climb down the other side.  You cross the long valley and finally find yourself at the foot of another mountain, this one even larger and more forbidding.  And you look up at the mountain and wonder why you have done this, since this one is much higher than the last one and will require that you build even more strength.  It will require more skills and most of all, more courage.  And so you take a deep breath and begin to climb.

This is not a problem to be solved.  This is life.  This is the beauty and wonder of it, to have within you a yearning to become ever more than you were.  Quiet that complaining mind, the fear and doubt that tell you that you would be happier just standing at the foot of the mountain looking up.

This is life.  Engage with it.  Begin to climb.  And every step of the way, give thanks for the strength you are building, for the courage that fills your heart, and for the deep blessings of simply being alive.

I Am This Today

I am deeply engaged with life.  I open to the challenges that lie before me with joy, love and a deep and centered peace.

I am strong and courageous.  I am full of belief in myself.  I know I can do whatever it is I wish to do, simply by persevering.  I treasure each step on my journey up the mountain of my choice.  I love my life.

I am alive.  I am vibrantly connected to what is.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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